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Sundays at Belden

  • Worship at Belden is a casual style of traditional, Biblical teaching and contemporary music.
  • Our messages are based on Wesley’s foundations of Scripture, Tradition, Experience & Reason applied to life’s realities of Today.
  • We have a mix of the favored Methodist hymns and many of today’s popular praise songs.
  • We incorporate a variety of instrumental music,  singing, and dynamic messages to offer a service that is uplifting and transformative.
  • We intentionally have a casual vibe, so come dressed in what you are most comfortable wearing.

Sundays at Belden

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sunday school - rooted in gods word, growing in faith together

Sunday School begins at 9 AM on Sundays for all groups.

Sunday School begins the first Sunday after Labor Day, and ends the last Sunday before Memorial Day. 

Sunday School Teachers:

Gary Weegmann - Adult Sunday School

Susan Gest - Adult Sunday School

Joyce Harvey - 3rd-5th Grade

Sarah Jones - PreK-2nd Grade

Karen Landers - 6-12th Grade

Youth Logo

Home Grown Youth Group

Belden’s Home Grown Youth is for all ages (K-12), and meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from 4:00-6:00 PM. 


Our Youth Group’s purpose is to create a strong foundation in Christ through fellowship and service to others.

Contact Kaittye, our Youth & Family Ministries Director, with any questions you might have. 
Phone: (440) 315-0534


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Childrens Worship

Children's Worship + Nursery

We want children to engage in worship! We encourage children to worship with their families and we try to provide resources to help children grow as disciples.While the sounds that children make are most welcome, we recognize that concerns about disturbing others can hinder parents’ ability to focus on worship. We invite families to use any of these options on any given day.

Busy Bags - On the resource wall just outside of Holy Grounds Cafe’ you’ll find a few busy bags. Inside these bags are coloring pages and a small snack. 

Grace Space – We know that sometimes the sights and sounds of worship can be overwhelming. For children and people with special needs we offer a space located on the left side in the front of the sanctuary. A small table and chairs, soft toys, and books are there to help keep hands busy. Parents are asked to stay with their children in this space until they are ready to rejoin the congregation in the sanctuary. Parents are still able to listen to the service and even watch via live stream on the TV screen on the wall while caring for their child. 

Children’s messages – While children are encouraged to participate in all parts of worship, there is a special time set aside for the youngest children of God. A worship leader shares a message in order to help children connect to the Scripture for the day.  


Welcoming children is the responsibility of the whole faith community. As the body of Christ, we have made baptismal promises to parents and their children: to nurture, to support, and to pray for their faith.
Here are a few ways we can all welcome children into worship:

  • Learn the names of the young children who sit near you in worship and greet them.

  • Offer to read, sing, or pray with one child during worship, especially if another child in the family is upset. 

  • Adopt a grandchild for the service and offer to allow a little one to sit with you while we worship.

  • Recognize that some special needs are not visible and some people (children & adults alike) may make unconventional vocalizations, noises, or engage in other behaviors that help them express themselves during the service. Help everyone understand that people with special needs are valuable to our worship. Encourage children to ask questions about differences of all kinds.

  • Celebrate that God put the wiggle in children, and that children’s participation in worship is welcome.

  • Questions or if interested in volunteering to help with our children’s ministries, please contact:
    Kaittye OberskiYouth & Family Ministries Director
    Phone - (440) 315-0534

    Email -

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