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Church Shopping


Finding a church home is a very personal decision. In some ways it's like shopping for a car. Do I like how it looks? Is the interior comfortable? I have children, is the car big enough for them? What kind of features does it have? Most importantly, how does it run?

Let me tell you about Belden Methodist Church. We were first founded way back in the late 1800s, yet our building still looks pretty good for a century old country church. That's because our trustees and congregation love this house of worship. It seems like they are at the church everyday painting, cutting grass, renovating the bathrooms, putting on a new roof, installing a playground etc. Our church building isn’t fancy. But neither are we.

Inside the church it's all about comfort. We have air-conditioning, padded pews, large-screen monitors, and a relaxing coffee bar called the Holy Grounds Café. If you can't make it up or down steps, we have a new elevator to get you inside the building. We even have a covered portico to protect you from the rain when being dropped off. In our basement you'll find a commercial kitchen for cooking. Yes, we love to eat!

As far as features we have something for everyone including a staffed nursery, three children's Sunday school classes, two adult Sunday school classes, and an active youth group. The women have a social club called Straw Hat Ladies and our men's group meets every other week and spends a fair amount of time at the Hungry Bear Restaurant eating Bear Paws (a breakfast treat in case you were wondering). That really just scratches the surface. We also have a wonderful choir you can join and numerous committees like finance, worship and outreach.

But what matters the most are our people. When you walk in the door, you won't get that scary "They know I'm new here and don't belong" feeling. You'll get a handshake, a donut and maybe even a hug. We're truly just a group of friendly folks who love worshiping God. We pray, we sing, we teach, and do our very best to stay true to the Bible. We don’t add to it or try to find new meaning. As best we can, we just try to follow and do what it says. And this is important, we do that in a loving way. We are here to embrace all people and lift them up, not push them away and be judgmental. You won't find any clanging cymbals or gongs at Belden.

So if you are out church shopping, please stop by. Kick our tires. We're a comfortable country church that loves God and stays true to the Bible.


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